Tailored Medical Group

A family medical practice in Port Melbourne


Located in the heart of Port Melbourne at the top of Bay Street, Tailored Medical Group offers comprehensive medical care tailored to the needs and wants of our patients. Our clinic has been thoughtfully designed to create a positive energy to help you feel better and uses the latest technology makes managing your health as easy as possible.


General medicine
Family care
Men's health
Women's health
Shared care
Sexual health
LGBTI health
Procedures & minor surgery
Skin/mole checks
Travel medicine
Cosmetic medicine
Nutrition & dietetics



Summer is FINALLY with us! Enjoy the outdoors, enjoy time with your friends and family and enjoy the sun! Remember to slip, slop, slap, slide and seek to avoid sun damage to your skin and eyes!

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Dr Tom teaches GPs about PrEP

We’re proud of Dr Tom who has been sharing his skills this weekend, teaching GPs about HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). As a representative of the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM), Dr Tom presented a number of sessions at the General Practice Convention and Exhibition (GPCE) to

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World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018

“Australia has one of the highest antibiotic prescription rates, issuing 30 million annually prescriptions.” When antibiotics were first introduced in the 1940s it revolutionised medicine saving many lives in the process. So how do antibiotics work? Antibiotics work by killing the bacteria, by interfering with the formation of bacteria cell

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Dr Ivana is living the good life!

Dr Ivana is currently on extended leave and will be returning in the new year. The rest of our Drs are here to provide care for Dr Ivana’s patients whilst she is away. The lovely Dr Justin is our obstetric and gynaecology guru, but for those who prefer to see

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Goodbye Dr Nikki!

It’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Dr Nikki! She’s been a great asset to the team here at TMG and we wish her well in starting her new life in Sydney! The rest of our Drs are here to provide care for Dr Nikki’s patients. The

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World Restart a Heart Day 2018

How long can the brain go without oxygen? Great Question! If you answered 4-6 minutes, you are CORRECT! The human brain can survive up to 6 minutes after the heart stops. However, push past the 6-minute mark, and your chances of brain damage increase dramatically. During cardiac arrest, a disturbance

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