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A family medical practice in Port Melbourne

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Located in the heart of Port Melbourne at the top of Bay Street, Tailored Medical Group offers comprehensive medical care tailored to the needs and wants of our patients. Our clinic has been thoughtfully designed to create a positive energy to help you feel better and use the latest technology makes managing your health as easy as possible.

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Dr Google

Fortunately, most of the right answers to your perplexing medical questions can be found on Google. Unfortunately, most of the wrong answers are easily found on Dr Google as well! Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t freak yourself out by jumping online and attempting to self-diagnose and do not, whatever you

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Could AI replace your doctor?

The diagnostic process of a General Practitioner may one day be taken over by algorithm-based AI that can diagnose and recommend patient-specific treatment. How do we feel about this? We welcome a future with technology. If it weren’t for technology we wouldn’t have MRIs, vaccinations and keyhole surgery. Even the oldest tool

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Men’s Health Week 2018

Guys, it’s healthy to talk. We know that men visit the doctor less than women, despite the fact that they have more health risks. Some men might not look after themselves as well as they could. Things that could go wrong in a man’s health include: Infertility – this is

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