3 Reasons to have an ongoing relationship with your GP

Even when you’re not sick, having an ongoing relationship with your GP can make a world of difference. Find out three reasons why in this list.

Though you likely don’t think about it very much, the interactions you have with your doctor are part of a relationship. As such, there are various ways this relationship can grow or change over time depending on what you do with your GP. For both you and your doctor, this relationship should be an ongoing and positive thing. Not entirely sure why at first glance? Let’s break down three reasons to have an ongoing relationship with your GP outside of being sick.

1. Better Care

The more your doctor sees you, the more they’ll get to know about your normal physical condition. With that information, you’ll inevitably get better care. When your doctor can tell something is off with just a few questions about how you’re feeling, that saves plenty of time and inevitably leads to a better response to any ailments you might have.

2. Freedom to Discuss

You might not know this, but you can disagree with your doctor. Whether it’s to ask for more tests to confirm something or to simply say “I don’t think this is right,” it’s ultimately your health that’s being discussed.

When you’re seeing a GP who knows you and actually trusts your opinion on your physical condition, this is far less likely to result in a battle over getting the care you need. Instead, they’ll listen to your concerns and help figure out what the best course of action is going forward.

3. Information

Having a good relationship with your GP means you’ve also got a repository of medical knowledge at your fingertips. If there’s ever something you’re concerned about or just something you’d like to generally know more about, you can feel more secure in asking for your doctor’s opinion. It’s certainly more reliable than looking up random queries online, and it won’t be nearly as much of a bother as you might first think it is.

While doctors are important to have while you’re sick, it’s equally important to have some form of positive and ongoing relationship with your regular GP to keep you healthy and informed.