Join Our Vaccine Waitlist


After huge demand last week we have updated our system to allow more people to join our flu and covid vaccine waitlists.

TMG is pleased to be able to offer our patients and the Port Melbourne Community access to the COVID VACCINE. We will be following the Australian Government Eligibility guidelines, please ensure you are eligible for the vaccine at the time of joining the waitlist.

To manage both this and the high demand for flu shots you will need to reserve your vaccine through our online booking system – Details below.

Please follow these steps to put yourself on the waiting list. Once the vaccine is available, you will be contacted by SMS to make an appointment, there will be limited times, as we have to run specific vaccination clinics. All Covid-19 vaccination appointments will require 2 appointments spaced a minimum of 4 to 12 weeks apart (we will book your second shot at the first appointment).

It is recommended that you have your flu vaccination 2 weeks after/before the Covid-19 vaccinations.

Should you have any concerns/queries about the Covid-19 vaccination, please book in a consultation with your GP.


1. Visit our website, and select “Book online


2. Please fill in your details, including your mobile number. Click the green Existing Patient button. Please call reception if you do not have a mobile number, so we can find a suitable way to contact you.


3. Please select either the Covid-19 vaccination or the suitable flu vaccine from the drop down menu. Please note you can only select one at a time. You can repeat the steps to register for both vaccinations or multiple family members.


4. You will see a “Book Appointment” screen with various appointment times with our Nurse, Tory. Please click book appointment, without selecting any appointment time.


5. You will have a red notification pop up to say “The requested vaccine is currently out of stock. Please select Reserve Stock to request a vaccine. You will be notified via SMS when the vaccine stock arrives.”

Please press to reserve stock.

6. Once complete, you will get a thank you message to notify you that you have been placed on the waitlist. You will receive an SMS from the clinic once the vaccinations are available, inviting you to make an appointment within 14 days. Please note that Covid-19 vaccinations will be triaged according to the national roll out guidelines.


We are expecting to receive Flu Vaccines in the next two weeks and have been allocated to begin Covid Vaccines in the first week of April. Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic or make an appointment with your GP if you have any questions