PrEP for HIV prevention is here!

PrEP (the daily tablet for prevention of HIV) is now available to be prescribed by your GP and can be purchased from pharmacies across Australia for less than $40 per month.

Previously PrEP, a single daily tablet, was only available by enrolling in the state-based trials such as the Victorian PrEPX Study or by importing up to a 90 day supply of the medication from overseas pharmacies.

After a long period of advocacy and lobbying, this game-changing medication was made available on the Pharmaceutical Benifit Scheme (PBS) on 1st April, which means it can now be prescribed for high risk patients by all GPs at a maximum monthly cost of $39.50 for Medicare card holders and $6.40 for concession card holders.

Although the approval of this modern tool in the right against HIV is welcomed by the community, barriers remain regarding its access as many GPs are unfamiliar with providing specialised HIV care and the safe use of HIV medications.

TMG GPs are experienced in HIV care and are happy to support peoples’ choice to look after their sexual health. PrEP is only one tool in the sexual health kit, but one that has already changed the landscape globally! 2018 is an exciting year to prioritise looking after yourself and those around you!