Scripts, referrals & forms

TMG is pleased to offer our patients the convenience of ordering your repeat prescription, renewed specialist referral, or forms to be completed by your GP via our website or clinic App.

You will need to be an existing patient of the clinic to use this service. We’ll need to ask you some questions about yourself, as well as the details of your request.

Scripts, referrals & forms requested via our online ordering system may take between 1-7 working days to be returned to you. If you require delivery in a shorter timeframe, please book an appointment with your regular doctor.

There is a charge associated with this service of $23.00. This charge covers the time spent by our admin staff and doctors to prepare your request. If you are requesting forms to be completed, please email the document/s to

The clinic reserves the right to refuse any request deemed inappropriate to complete. In this circumstance your fee will be reimbursed immediately and the clinic will contact you to follow up.