Men’s Health Week 2018

Guys, it’s healthy to talk. We know that men visit the doctor less than women, despite the fact that they have more health risks.

Some men might not look after themselves as well as they could. Things that could go wrong in a man’s health include:

  • Infertility – this is often treatable and easy to test
  • Prostate disease – more common in older men
  • Erectile dysfunction – can affect men of any age and can occur as the result of another condition like diabetes
  • Low testosterone levels – can cause fatigue, low energy, reduced muscle bulk, low sex drive
  • Testicular cancer – tends to affect younger men

GPs often encourage women to check their breasts regularly for lumps but did you know that men should be examining their testes regularly too? Testicular cancer has a high survival rate if detected early. If you are concerned about anything, don’t sit on it (literally!) – come and see your doctor early.

We’re offering Gap-free check ups for all men in Men’s Health Week – 11-17th June 2018. So get on in and take care of yourself!!!